June 14, 2017
E3 Coliseum: Indie Revolution Panel
Had a great time participating in the Indie Revolution Panel in the E3 Colisuem. Above is me, Eli Cymet - producer of Alto's Adventure, Benden Greene - developer of Player Unknown: Battlegrounds, and Robin Hunike - producer of Journey & Luna.
Game Announcement at E3!
June 13, 2017


The story so far...
June 12, 2017
Several years ago I left New York City and moved to rural Iowa. I had a dream of moving to a small town and starting over...working on passion projects and living an otherwise simple, unremarkable life. It's dirt cheap to live here and with some help from ID @ Microsoft I was able to make my dream come true...and start the long process of developing COMA.

The essential goal of this game was to combine the fun & challenge of combat games with the emotional components of indie games. I didn't want the game to be a story you're being told, instead I wanted the game to allow the player to explore their own personal, sentimental inner worlds. It's a celebration of your story...the things you cherish in your heart, the people you love, where you came from and who you became...your fears, your pain, and the dreams that push you forward. It's about this stupid life we're all living, that we are desperately trying to find meaning in. It's about how we don't really value any of it until it's all ripped away...

The writing of this game was very challenging. What questions do you ask people about themselves to get them to delve deep within...or far back into the sentimental parts of their past? How and when do you ask them? ...and how do those memories work as weapons in the game? What are the essential experiences that we all go through? What are the core parts of all of our stories? It took a while, but I think I got it...it's in that childhood pet...or that place we went to as kids when we wanted to be alone...it's in the best and worst qualities of parents...in a long lost teddy bear...or the shape of the eyes of the first person that broke our heart. These little memories are like the crown jewels in the palace of our lives. Remembering and making these treasures is what we're all trying to do...and it's the quest in the game.

So where am I right now? The game is basically done except for a few story-related scenes. There are of course, tons of bugs and general dumb stuff like enemies getting stuck on walls that need to be fixed. Getting the thing running on an Xbox will probably take a bit of time too.

Right now, I'm thinking early 2018, but don't hold me to that of course. Like all indie games, it'll be done when it's done. If you want to show a little support, please share the trailer with some kind words. I'm almost there and I appreciate your support!